Iran new 1,000,000-rial cheque (B302a) confirmed

B302 (PNL): 1,000,000 rials (US$24)

Blue and red. Front: Farsi text; denomination as puzzle number registration device; Shrine of Fatima Masumeh in Qom. Back: English and Farsi text; unknown oil refinery; denomination as puzzle number; 100 in gold-to-green SPARK. 2.5-mm gold-to-green windowed security thread with demetalized I. R. IRAN. Solid security thread with printed Farsi script. Watermark: Unknown and electrotype 100. Printer: (TAKAB). 156 x 71 mm. Paper.

a. No date. Sig. Salehabadi. Intro: 00.09.2022.

Courtesy of Ali And and Yavar Parhizi.

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