Vanuatu new 200-vatu note (B216a) confirmed

These 200-vatu notes are like the preceding issues (B208a), but with different serial number fonts, new date of issue (2020), added tactile dot, text shifted to the left at bottom front, no printer imprint, as well as other minor changes.

B216 (PNL): 200 vatu (US$1.80)

Pink, brown, blue, and green. Front: English and French text; conch shell; waterway; Melanesian chief standing holding a spear; map of Vanuatu islands. Back: Bislama text; map of Vanuatu islands; family of five seated outside house with palm trees; conch shell. No security thread. Watermark (shadow image): Bank logo. Printer: (Unknown). 130 x 65 mm. Polymer.

a. (20)20. Sig. 6: Athy/Simelum. Prefix AA. 

Courtesy of Don Ludwig and Stane ┼átraus (

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