Sierra Leone new 2-leone note (B130a) confirmed

B130 (PNL): 2 leones (US$0.25)

Blue and orange. Front: English text; port building and cargo ship; coat of arms; I.T.A. Wallace-Johnson. Back: English text; stylized man with date cluster; Bank of Sierra Leone building. Windowed security thread. Watermark: Lion head and electrotype 2. Printer: DE LA RUE. 125 x 64 mm. Paper.

a. 27th APRIL 2022. Sig. 21: Kallon/Stevens. Prefix AA – AJ. Intro: 01.07.2022.

Courtesy of Claudio Marana.

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  1. Printed by De La Rue.

    The printer’s name is under the ‘2’ on the back in the bottom left hand corner.

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