Sudan new 1,000-pound note (B417a) confirmed

B417 (PNL): 1,000 Sudanese pounds (US$56)

Blue. Front: Arabic text; flower as registration device; sorghum plant; grain silos; flower OVD. Back: English text; sorghum plant; waterfall; two farmers plowing field with cattle; flower; bank logo. RAPID windowed security thread with Islamic ornaments. Watermark: Secretary bird and electrotype CBOS / LS 1000. Printer: (Sudan Currency Printing Press). 160 x 74 mm. Paper.

a. JUNE 2019. Sig. 7: Jangool. Intro: 07.06.2022.

Courtesy of Jerôme Deschamps.

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  1. IDK what is (US$56) supposed to mean. A 1000 Sudanese pounds = $2.19 US

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