Poland new 20-złoty commemorative note (BNP826a) confirmed

On 19 July 2022, the National Bank of Poland introduced 80,000 20-złoty banknotes commemorating the “Defense of the Polish Eastern Border.”

BNP826 (PNL): 20 złotych (US$5)
Brown and gray. Front: Polish text; Border Guard officer holding binoculars and Polish Army soldier holding assault rifle, both wearing camouflage uniforms; coat of arms with crowned eagle; fighter jet as registration device; map of Poland’s eastern border; denomination in SPARK Live. Back: Polish text; Black Hawk police helicopter flying low over village; fighter jet as registration device; coat of arms with crowned eagle. Green-and-gold windowed security thread. Watermark: Bank logo with electrotype NBP. Printer: PWPW S.A. 150 x 77 mm. Paper. 

a. 18 STYCZNIA 2022. Sig. 19: Glapinski/Jaroszek.
Prefix RP. 80,000 notes. Intro: 19.07.2022.

Courtesy of Stanislav Gusev and Don Ludwig.

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