Mauritania new 20-ouguiya note (B125.5a) confirmed introduced in Nov. 2021

B125.5 (PNL): 20 ouguiya (US$0.55)

Red. Front: Arabic text; open book on stand; The Great Mosque of Gataga in Kaédi; star and crescent moon. Back: French text; geological wonder of Guelb Errichât (Eye of Africa); open book on stand. No security thread. Watermark (shadow image): None. Printer: (Canadian Bank Note Company). 130 x 66 mm. Polymer (Guardian).

a. 28.11.2020. Sig. 15. Prefix X. Suffix AA. Intro: 00.11.2021.

Courtesy of Antonio Tangredi and Jason T. Rohn.

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