Romania new 20-leu numismatic product (BNP204a) confirmed

This 20-leu note is a polymer replica of the first 20-leu banknote (B205a) issued by the National Bank of Romania in 1881. 30,000 notes were sold in folders for 100 lei each.

BNP204 (PNL): 20 lei 

Cobalt blue. Front: Romanian text; oak leaves and olive branches; coat of arms; seated allegorical child holding hammer, with screw press and cog; seated allegorical child holding caduceus, with beehive; oak leaves and olive branches; coat of arms; head of Trajan. Back: Romanian text; head of Trajan; penal code; Emperor Trajan. No security thread. Watermark: None. Printer: (Unknown). 168 x 96 mm. Polymer.

a. 19.01.1881. Sig. Câmpineanu/Bilcescu/Costinescu. Intro: 01.12.2021.

Courtesy of Cristian Bold and fortumor on eBay.

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