Kazakhstan new 20,000-tenge note (B152a) confirmed introduced on 01.12.2021

On this note commemorating the 30th anniversary of independence, the country name is transliterated as Qazaqstan.

B152 (PNL): 20,000 теңге (tenge) (US$52)

Gray. Front (vertical): Kazakh text; national emblem; President Nursultan Äbishuly Nazarbayev hologram; Mangilik El monumental arch; flying doves and Kazakh Eli monument in Astana; flag. Back: Kazakh text; outline of Kazakhstan; panoramic view of the city of Nur-Sultan and the residence of the President of Akorda; President Nursultan Äbishuly Nazarbayev wearing suit and tie. Unknown security thread. Watermark: Unknown. Printer: (BFoNBK). 155 x 79 mm. Composite (Durasafe).

a. 2021. No sig. Prefix АА. Intro: 01.12.2021.

Courtesy of 钞票百科 (Chaopiaobaike), Gjergji Gace, and Kai Hwong.

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