Nicaragua revised 20-córdoba note (B507b) confirmed introduced on 18.11.2021

According to a press release dated 18 November 2021, the Banco Central de Nicaragua announced the introduction of revised 10- and 20-córdoba notes with tactile elements at lower right front that facilitate identification by the sight impaired. Additionally, security has been improved with the addition of iridescent bands on the backs of the notes, consisting of palm trees and the number 10 on the 10-córdoba notes; and seaweed and the number 20 on 20 córdoba notes. These images change color depending on the angle of inclination and lighting. Preceding issues will continue to circulate in parallel.

Like B507a, but new date (8 DE ABRIL DE 2019), tactile embossing at lower right front, and Iridescent band added on back.

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