The Banknote Book/Greysheet Latest Updates

We have been hard at work integrating all of The Banknote Book data into our database, so we would like to share the latest news and address questions we have been receiving from subscribers.

When Will Pricing Be Updated?
Now that we have the items from 300+ chapters converted and imported into our database, the next step is to add the matching pricing in our pricing database. At Greysheet, we have created a comprehensive web-based pricing management program that we use to update pricing. We already manage greater than a quarter of a million prices, and having this software enables us to maintain them efficiently. Thus, we first must enter all of the existing BNB pricing that is found in the PDF chapters to create the baseline pricing. Once this is completed, we will begin adding missing pricing (mainly specimen and replacement notes) and updating existing pricing. We will also be adding additional grades in the pricing, especially for the higher value notes.

What About New Chapters?
Two brand new chapters have been published recently: Eswatini and Saint Vincent. The remaining countries are being worked on and we will post notices on this site when each one is published.

Existing Chapters
Existing chapters continue to be updated as news dictates. Just this week new issues have been added from such issuers as Mexico (B726), Bahamas (B355), and Guatemala (B610). If you are a subscriber, please be sure to check the revision date in the chapter table on the Greysheet website for your favorite countries.

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