Gambia reportedly to issue reprinted notes in February 2018

After a contested presidential election in 2016, long-time incumbent President Yahya Jammeh eventually stepped down on 21 January 2017, to be replaced by Adama Barrow as The Gambia’s third president. According to an article in The Point dated 24 November 2017, the governor of the Central Bank of The Gambia, Bakery Jammeh, indicates that in February 2018 the bank will begin replacing notes featuring the portrait of former President Jammeh (B228 – B234) with reprints of the preceding issues, the so-called “Family” notes bearing images of typical Gambians. These notes will be used throughout 2018, giving the bank time to design and print an entirely new series of notes with the latest security features. Ironically, history seems to be repeating itself. Following the overthrow of President Jawara in a coup d’état led by then Lieutenant Jammeh on 22 July 1994, the bank replaced notes featuring Jawara’s portrait (B201 – B212) with the original “Family” notes (B213 – B216) in 1996.

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