Russia new 10- to 5,000-ruble notes (B232.5 – B839) reported for introduction from 2022 to 2025


  1. I wasn’t expecting the 10 and 50 ruble notes because of their quite low value: I thought they changed them into coins.

    1. Absolutely so, 10 and 50 have not been released for several years, since 50 rubles = $ 0.65. We, in Russia, think that there will be a denomination of 10: 1

  2. Author

    I’m also surprised to see the 10-ruble note slated for upgrade. Maybe they will drop this denomination after all as it’s not expected for several years, and if the ruble doesn’t improve, the value of such a note is likely to be too low to make economic sense.

    1. I think , that change 10 rubles note is still somehow justified, but 50 is two tickets in bus/tram and a pocket full of little things is very inconvenient to use

      1. Вы не правильно понимаете новость. Хронология такова 2022 – 100р.; 2023 – 1000р. и 5000р.; 2024 – 500р.; и только в 2025 – 10р. и 50р. Вообщем, сначала, в 2022-2024 сменят дизайн, а после выборов Путина 2024, в 2025 сделают деноминацию, предположительно 10:1. Хотят сделать как было в 1995-1998. В 1995 сменили дизайн банкнот, а с 01.01.1998 убрали нули 1000:1.

        1. Author

          Google Translate: You misunderstand the news. The chronology is 2022 – 100 rubles; 2023 – 1000 rub. and 5000r.; 2024 – 500 rubles; and only in 2025 – 10 rubles. and 50 rubles. In general, first, in 2022-2024, they will change the design, and after the election of Putin in 2024, in 2025 they will make a denomination, presumably 10: 1. They want to do as it was in 1995-1998. In 1995, the design of banknotes was changed, and from 01.01.1998 zeros 1000: 1 were removed.

          1. Yes, that’s right

          2. Now the real inflation in the country over the past 7 years = about 10% in year. In 4 years, the current ruble will depreciate by about 40% -50%. Now 10 rubles = $ 0.13, 50 rubles = $ 0.65. For several years now, the printing of these denominations has been unprofitable and has not been produced. By 2025, with current inflation of 10 rubles, there will be about $ 0.09, 50 rubles, respectively $ 0.45, which is more expensive than the cost price, and is completely replaced by coins

          3. Therefore, and according to other internal news, a denomination awaits us. The authorities want to show the stability of the economy, but in reality they are not capable of it. The second factor is the elimination of “gray” cash from the population due to the government’s distrust of banks and the growth of corruption among minor officials.

  3. I wonder if the design of the new notes will be similar to the 200 and 2000

  4. * The second factor is the elimination of “gray” cash from the population due to the government’s distrustand and banks and the growth of corruption among minor officials.

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