Malaysia new 60- and 600-ringgit numismatic products (BNP106a and BNP107a) reportedly introduced 05.01.2018

According to a 14 December 2017 press release, Bank Negara Malaysia is issuing commemorative banknotes in conjunction with the 60th anniversary of the signing of the Federation of Malaya Independence Agreement.

The 600-ringgit note is larger than the Philippines 1998 100,000-peso note measuring 355 x 215 mm, which the Guinness Book of World Records heretofore considered to be the physically largest legal tender note ever issued.

60,000 60-ringgit notes were packaged in folders and sold for 120 ringgit each, with a limit of five per buyer.
6,000 uncut sheets of three 60-ringgit notes were also sold for 500 ringgit each, with a limit of one per buyer.
6,000 600-ringgit notes were packaged in folders and sold for 1,700 ringgit each, with a limit of one per buyer.

The public can place their orders online from 5 January 2018. In the event of oversubscription, balloting will take place. Banknotes with special serial numbers will be sold via public auction on 10 March 2018.

Courtesy of Liew Siang Ping, Stane Straus, Dmytry Nevmyvako, Zhao Jiarui, Ajay Rawat, and Thomas Augustsson.


  1. that’s it VAT sale value for RM1,700 for RM600 commemorative 2017-8′

  2. average annual cost printing of RM600 2017-8 commemorative is between PHP13 and 14 atleast to produce the commemorative’

  3. not same serial number banknote is legal tender serial number banknote.

    (not specimen banknote is legal tender)

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