Turkmenistan new commemorative family (B234a – B239a) confirmed

These notes commemorate the country’s 25th anniversary of neutrality, celebrated on 12 December 2020. The new notes are like the preceding regular issues dated 2012 – 2014, but with a special commemorative logo at left front of two flags, a dove, the globe, above the phrase “Turkmenistan: A Land of Neutrality.” The 25th anniversary logo is made using rainbow printing and enhanced security features. The backs are also like the preceding regular issues, except the National Cultural Centre on the back of the 1-manat note has been replaced by a seaport, and the constitution monument has been added to the back of the 50-manat note.

Courtesy of Albert Vokhmin, Dennis Zammit, and Claudio Marana.


  1. The back of the regular 1 manat note (B222) doesn’t looks like an airport.

    1. Author

      You’re right. It’s the National Cultural Centre. The 2017 commemorative 1-manat note has an airport on back.

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