Bangladesh new 50-taka note (B351.5a) confirmed

According to an article in The Business Standard, Bangladesh Bank planned to introduce a new 50-taka note on 15 December 2019. The existing 50- and 10-taka notes (B351 and B349, shown below) are similar in color, leading to confusion in public transactions. The new 50-taka note (B351.5a) is reddish orange to help distinguish between the denominations. The new notes will circulate in parallel with the existing notes.

Courtesy of Mohammad Raihan.

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  1. This series of notes must be one of the poorest designs ever when it comes to color coordination. Already the 5- and 20-taka notes have been redesigned with new colors due to similarities with other denominations, and now the 50-taka note gets the same fate.

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