Norway new 500-krone note confirmed


According to the Norges Bank, the new 500-krone note was introduced on 18 October 2018. The preceding issue will circulate in parallel for one year before being withdrawn.

Orange. Front: Norwegian text; SPARK Orbital rectangle; Colin Archer’s rescue vessel, RS 14 “Stavanger;” Atlantic puffin. Back: Norwegian text; oil platform on the horizon (pixel motif); 13.9 metres per second (cubic pattern); high wind with sea heaps up, white foam from breaking waves (organic pattern); North Sea gas pipeline network; ammonite fossil shell. Windowed security thread with holographic anchor chain and solid security thread with demetalized NB 500. Watermark: Atlantic puffin head in profile with electrotype 500. Printer: (Oberthur Technologies). 147 x 70 mm.
a. 2018. Sig. Øystein Olsen/Leif Veggum. Intro: 18.10.2018.

Courtesy of Jan Ove Larsen and Franciso Alcover.

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