Uganda issues new 10,000-shilling note dated 2005


10,000 shillings, 2005. Issued 02.01.2006. Green and red on m/c unpt. Musical instruments at left. Owen Falls dam, kudo on back. Like Pick 41 with upgraded security features. “10000” in bottom left corner in magenta to green OVI. “10000” added to existing wmk. of crested crane. New Cornerstone wmk. of diagonal bars in four corners. On back, color of kob (antelope) was bright brown, is now dull brown. Likewise, color of grass was brown, is now green, and the end of horizontal bar below kob was brown, is now green. “TEN” and “SHI” printed in red, with rest of word in green. Printed on high-quality cotton paper with protective coating. Printer: TDLR (w/o imprint). 156 x 76 mm.

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