Bank of Israel publishes new book on notes and coins

The Bank of Israel has published a new book, “Banknotes and Coins of Israel 1927-2006.” The fruit of intensive research, the book is published by the Currency Department of the Bank of Israel.
The book details the entire series of banknotes and coins issued during the period covered. Each note and coin is presented pictorially, and accompanying text describes both the design of motif and the choice behind it. The publication is unique in its technical detail of the notes and coins––size, cover, security measures against counterfeiting, designers and periods of circulation––as well additional background material including the original photographs which provided the source of the designs of the banknotes and coins. Next to the photos of each coin is an example of the original coin––usually an ancient Hebrew coin––upon which the modern coin was based.
The book has a foreword by the Governor of the Bank, Professor Stanley Fischer, and was written by Yigal Arkin, a collector and researcher of means of payments, with scientific editing by Dr. Rachel Barkay, numismatic curator of the Bank of Israel.
This colorful, hardback, richly illustrated book has colored margins for ease of reference. The Bank of Israel hopes that such an extensive compendium will provide both a source of information and enjoyment to the public, and will help to increase general knowledge of the banknotes and coins of both the modern-day Israel and of the young state-in-the-making.
The book is available in both Hebrew and English and is priced at NIS 98 (approximately US$23).
Though the book will shortly be for sale at stores, currently it can only be purchased directly from the Bank of Israel. To buy the book, payment can be either by credit card from the Publications Unit of the Bank of Israel: Tel: 02-6552767; Fax: 02-6552984; email:; or by sending a check (payable to the Bank of Israel) to: The Bank of Israel Publications Unit P.B. 780 Jerusalem 91007.

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