Kazakhstan new 2,000- and 5,000-tenge notes (B131a and B132a) misspell “bank”


Officials at the National Bank of Kazakhstan admit that there’s a problem with the new series of notes issued on November 15. The word “bank” on some of the new notes is misspelled with an alternate Kazakh form of the letter K (above, top), not the Cyrillic version (above, bottom), which has a slightly different pronunciation. Despite politicians’ calls to scrap the new issue, bank officials plan to release the error notes and then gradually withdraw them from circulation.

This error affects only some 2,000- and 5,000-tenge notes, and not the other denominations in this new series. Curiously, the misspelled “bank” appears on both sides of the KZT2,000 (B131a), but only on the face of the KZT5,000 (B132a).

Courtesy of Olexandr Danishenko (lembergzp on eBay) and Eduard Han.

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