Egypt new 200-pound note (B334a) confirmed

B334 (P68): 200 pounds (US$11)

Purple, green, and brown. Front: Arabic text; denomination as registration device; Qani Bay mosque in Cairo. Back: English text; statue of the Seated Scribe; cartouche with “Egypt is Peace” in hieroglyphics. 3-mm wide windowed thread with demetalized 200 and TWO HUNDRED POUNDS in Arabic. 1.5-mm wide solid security thread with demetalized 200 POUNDS in Arabic. Watermark: Egyptian Scribe and electrotype 200. Printer: (Central Bank of Egypt). 175 x 80 mm. Paper.

a. 03.04.2007 – 28.05.2008. Sig. 11b: El Okda.
Intro: 03.04.2007. 

Courtesy of Samia Mehilba and Dr. Ali Mehilba.

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