Papua New Guinea new 2-kina note (B134a) confirmed

B134 (P28): 2 kina (US$0.60)

Green. Front: English text; coat of arms with bird of paradise perched on Kundu drum and ceremonial spear; National Parliament building in Port Moresby. Back: English text; Mount Hagan axe; Kula arm band from Milne Bay Province; engraved dogs’ tooth necklace from Bougainville; Sepik clay pot; tapa cloth patterns. No security thread. Watermark (Shadow image): Bank logo. Printer: (Note Printing Australia). 140 x 70 mm. Polymer.

a. (20)07. Sig. 10: Kamit/Tosali.
Lithograph bird of paradise. Intro: 19.04.2007.

Courtesy of Chris Twining.

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