Nepal issues new 1,000-rupee note w/o king’s image


With the issuance of the note below, the Nepal Rastra Bank (NRB) continues to remove King Gyanendra’s name, image, and royal symbols from the country’s currency. Like the new Rs500 issued September 27, 2007, the new Rs1,000 still has the king’s portrait as watermark because the paper was ordered from an Indonesian manufacturer before April 2006 when the monarchy fell out of favor. The new Rs1,000 had an initial print run of 30 million notes, with prefixes from KHA-21 to KHA-50 (replacement prefixes are KHA-51, -52, and -53).

1,000 rupees (US$15.65), ND (2008). Issued April 7, 2008. Mount Everest, rhododendron over watermark of King Gyanendra. Rhododendron and elephant on back. New signature (Krishna Bahadur Manandhar, Acting Governor), wide windowed security thread, NRB as registration device, and intaglio printing. Printer: Perum Purari, Indonesia (without imprint).

Courtesy of Shyam Agrawal.

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