Kazakhstan new 5,000-tenge commemorative note (B134a) confirmed

5,000 tenge. Introduced 2008 to commemorate 15 years of tenge. Red and brown on m/c underprint. Front: Astana-Baiterek monument; sheet music; national emblem; palm; flag; green-to-blue Spark flying eagle; jubilee inscription at edges. Back: Independence Monument and Kazakhstan hotel in Almaty; mountains. Watermark, windowed security thread, registration device, intaglio printing, OVI, microprinting, fluorescent serial numbers, iridescent ink, latent image of denomination, and pink fibers that fluoresce red under UV light. Printer: De La Rue (w/o imprint). 144 x 76 mm.

Also available as a specimen with all-zero serial numbers, red diagonal SPECIMEN overprint, numbered in the lower right-hand front corner.

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