Sao Tome and Principe issues new 100,000-dobra note


On December 22, 2008, Luís de Sousa, the governor of the Banco Central de Sao Tomé e Príncipe introduced a new 100,000-dobra note (US$6), the largest denomination ever for the tiny African island country. The notes are said to have 21 security features, though they have not been described.

100,000 dobras (US$5.75)
Light blue, green, and dark red. Front: Lines from Tenreiro’s poem “In Coração em África” (Courage in Africa); papagaio-cinz (gray parrot); leaves; coat of arms; compass rose; poet Francisco José Tenreiro; silver foil open book. Back: Men in costumes with shields standing before monument, celebrating Auto de Floripes in the city of Santo António on the island of Príncipe. Two security threads with demetalized BCSTP. Watermark: Rei Amador. Printer: DE LA RUE. 146 x 67 mm. 03 de Junho de 2005. Signatures: Adelino Castelo David, MINISTRO DO PLANEAMENTO E FINANCAS; Maria do Carmo Trovoada Silveira, GOVERNADORA DO BANCO CENTRAL. Introduced 22.12.2008.

Courtesy of Manuel Pires Horta Rosa.

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