Jamaica new 5,000-dollar note (B242) reported for introduction in September 2009

According to a Jamaica Observer article dated 15 May 2009, the Bank of Jamaica plans to issue a 5,000-dollar banknote in September 2009, which will bear the image of late former prime minister, Hugh Lawson Shearer. Currently the highest Jamaican note in circulation is the $1,000 banknote. The new $5,000 banknote, which is almost 20% above the minimum wage of $4,070 per week, is equivalent to approximately US$56.

Derick Latibeaudiere, governor of the Bank of Jamaica, will officially launch the new banknote on May 18, 2009, at the central bank in downtown Kingston. “The launch will take the form of a presentation of a proof note, specially packaged, to Dr Denise Eldemire Shearer, widow of the late former prime minister of Jamaica, Hugh Lawson Shearer, whose portrait appears on the front of the note,” said the central bank. Aside from Shearer’s portrait, the new $5,000 note will also have pictures of various plants and a bird. The note is sand or khaki in color according to Observer sources. Shearer served Jamaica as prime minister from 1967-72, succeeding Sir Donald Sangster.

The note is printed by DLR and features an Optiks security thread and Cornerstone watermarks, among other anti-counterfeiting elements.

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