South Korea issues new 50,000-won note


On 23 June 2009, the Bank of Korea issued its first-ever 50,000-won note, now the highest denomination in the country.

50,000 won (US$38.85)
Yellow and green. Front: Tree branches, grape leaf, berries, and eggplant; painter and author Shin Saim-dang. Back (vertical): Bamboo tree and Japanese apricot tree. Holographic stripe with demetalized BANK OF KOREA 50000. Windowed Motion security thread. Solid security thread with demetalized 한국은행 50000. Watermark: Shin Saim-dang and electrotype 5 within pentagon. Printer: 한국조폐공사 제조 (Korea Minting & Security Printing Corporation). 154 x 68 mm.

Courtesy of Sejin Ahn.

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