Uzbekistan unissued 25-som note dated 1994 confirmed


The following 25-som note from Uzbekistan is dated 1994 and depicts the Kazi-Zadé Rumi mausoleum in the Shakhi-Zinda necropolis in Samarkand, which also appears on the issued note of the same denomination (B207). However, the note with the specimen serial number of AB1234567 is printed on smaller (120 x 62 mm versus 144 x 68 mm) paper than the issued note. The paper has the same star pattern watermark and solid security thread as the 1- and 3-som notes (B203, B204).

This appears to be an unissued design, but anyone with additional information is encouraged to share. I’m especially interested to learn if there are other unadopted designs for this series of notes.

Courtesy of Peter Kelly.

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