Hong Kong (Standard Chartered Bank) new 150-dollar note confirmed


On 9 September 2009, Standard Chartered Bank (Hong Kong) began issuing one million 150-dollar (US$19.35) banknotes to commemorate its 150-year anniversary. The commemorative banknotes is legal tender, but was sold at a premium over face value. A single HK$150 note cost HK$280, a pane of four notes costs HK$1,888, and a full sheet of 35 notes is priced at HK$18,888.

Standard Chartered has also selected 100 notes with special lucky serial numbers for public bidding and another 10,000 pieces for which the public can pick a serial number of their choice. There are three categories of lucky number notes, with minimum bid prices of HK$10,000, HK$6,000 and HK$3,000. The “single self-selected serial number” notes will be offered at HK$888 each by lottery. Net proceeds will go to the bank’s community foundation in support of local community projects and charities.

The front of the banknote, designed by Austrian graphic designer Henry Steiner, who has designed banknotes for Standard Chartered since 1975, features a satellite image of Victoria Harbour with the lender’s corporate blue and green as the main color tones. The reverse side demonstrates the history of Hong Kong through iconic Images of people from all walks of life taking in the view of the Victoria Harbour from the Peak: a policeman, a mother and her chlld in a traditional back carrier, a bird fancier, a worker, a woman with a parasol, a businessman on his mobile phone, and a school boy pointing at a hawk. These Images demonstrate how the people of Hong Kong have contributed to the city’s success through the past 150 years.

Courtesy of Kai Hwong and Thomas Augustsson.

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