Guatemala new 100-quetzal note (B601a) confirmed

B601 (P119 & P126): 100 quetzales (US$13)

Brown, purple, green, blue, and red. Front: Spanish text; flying quetzal bird; flag; Mayan man with staff as registration device; stylized temple; bishop and university founder, Francisco Marroquín; seal in blue-to-green SPARK. Back: Spanish text; circular seal; Mayan glyphs; flower beds, fountain, and pillars in courtyard of University of San Carlos de Borromeo in Antigua (Universidad de San Carlos de Borromeo, Fundada en 1676, Antes Colegio Mayor, Antigua Guatemala); Mayan man with staff; flag. Holographic windowed security thread. Watermark: Francisco Marroquín and electrotype 100. Printer: Varieties. 156 x 67 mm. Paper.

a. 12 DE MARZO DE 2008.
Sig. 51: Alonzo/Bonilla.
Printer: Joh. Enschede. Prefix G. Suffix D.
Intro: 06.11.2009.

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