Jamaica new 5,000-dollar note (B242) confirmed

According to a 14 September 2009 press release, on 24 September the Bank of Jamaica issued its highest denomination ever, a new 5,000-dollar (US$56) note. The portrait of the late former Prime Minster of Jamaica, the Rt. Hon. Hugh Lawson Shearer, appears on the front of the note. The back features blossoms of the Frangipani and an aerial view of Highway 2000.

In addition to the standard security features on the existing banknotes—magnetic thread and ink, iridescence, florescence and watermark—the $5,000 banknote is protected against counterfeiting by Optiks, De La Rue’s wide security thread for use on paper notes with a large oval window. The thread depicts the Jamaica coat of arms, and when held up to the light, the complete thread with “BOJ $5000” will become visible. The note also features a watermark of Shearer with electrotype 5000 and Cornerstone watermarks.

The new note is dated 15.01.2009, bears the signature of the Governor of the Bank of Jamaica, Derick Latibeaudiere, and has the DA LE RUE printer imprint.

Courtesy of Marcus Jansson and Frank van Tiel.

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