Kazakhstan new 1,000-tenge commemorative note (B135a) confirmed

The National Bank of Kazakhstan issued a new 1,000-tenge note on 5 January 2010 to commemorate Kazakhstan’s chairmanship of the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe in 2010.

A total of 10 million notes will be issued at face value (US$6.75). The note dated 2010 is the same size (134 x 70 mm) as the current note of the same denomination, though the color is now turquoise-green, and the designs are as follows:

Obverse: State Emblem of the Republic of Kazakhstan in left upper corner, decorative image of flying birds in national style, face value in Kazakh language in the center, motives of Kazakh national patterns along the banknote, holographic image of Baiterek monument , color-changing logo of National Bank of Kazakhstan on the right part

Reverse: State Flag of the Republic in the left lower corner, Akorda palace of President of the Republic of Kazakhstan in the center with face value in Russian language, image of a bird and year of issue 2010, numerical indication of face value in the left lower part, motives of Kazakh national patterns along the banknote.

Courtesy of Vadim Tislenko.

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