Bahamas new CRISP 100-dollar note (B343a) confirmed

On 16 December 2009 the Central Bank of The Bahamas introduced a more secure 100-dollar banknote. This is the sixth and final denomination issued in the new CRISP (Counterfeit Resistance Integrated Security Product) family of notes. The new notes will circulate in parallel with the old $100 notes, which will eventually be phased out of circulation.

The new note is purple, blue, green, and mauve. It features a portrait of Queen Elizabeth II on the front, and a picture of a blue marlin on the back. The note has a new watermark of QEII, the numeral 100 on the front left, and a new registration device of a sand dollar. CRISP banknote paper is also coated with a new sizing agent to help prevent the chemical removal of inks from the paper.

Purple, blue, green, and mauve. Front: English text; sand dollar as registration device; map; depth image hologram; Queen Elizabeth II wearing tiara and royal family order of King George VI. Back: English text; blue marlin fish; coat of arms. Solid security thread and 3-mm windowed security thread with demetalized BAHAMAS and sand dollar. Watermark: Queen Elizabeth II with electrotype 100 and Cornerstones. Printer: DE LA RUE. 156 x 67 mm. Paper.

Courtesy of Thomas Krause and TDS.

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