Poland new 20-złoty Chopin numismatic product (BNP815a) confirmed

The National Bank of Poland honored the 200th birthday of musician Frédéric François Chopin with a new commemorative 20-złoty (US$7.10) banknote. This note went on sale 26 February 2010 at a price of 50 złoty each.

BNP815 (P181): 20 złotych (US$5.00)

Black, tan, and blue. Front: Polish text; Chopin birthplace mansion in Zelazowa Wola; coat of arms with crowned eagle; musician Frédéric François Chopin; score of Mazurka in B minor, Op. 7; Chopin signature. Back: Polish text; Masovian willow trees; score of étude in F minor, Op. 10. Solid security thread with microprinted 20 Zł. Watermark: Frédéric Chopin. Printer: PWPW S.A. 138 x 69 mm. Paper.

a. 19 MARCA 2009. Sig. 15: Skrzypek/Nowosielska.
Prefix FC. Intro: 26.02.2010.

Courtesy of Rafal Nogowczyk.

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