Identify Zaire and Congo DR note elements


Thanks to everyone who helped positively identify the following features which appear on the back of some banknotes from Zaire and the Congo Democratic Republic.

I find it curious that many countries are proud enough to feature certain places, people, and objects on their notes, yet they fail to label these vignettes. As a result, it’s possible that their significance may be lost on future generations. That’s why I strive to provide detailed identifications of all elements depicted on notes in my new catalog. If you enjoyed the detective work as much as I did, keep your eyes on this site for future hunts.

1. Identified: Inga I dam on Congo River.

2. Identified: Palais de la Nation in Kinshasa.

3. Identified: Palais Du Peuple in Kinshasa.

4. Identified: OEBK (Organization Équipage Banana-Kinshasa) suspension bridge (also known as Pont Maréchal) over the Congo River at port Matadi.

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