Yemen new 1,000-rial note (B129) confirmed


The Central Bank of Yemen introduced a new 1,000-rial note that is similar to the 2004-dated note (B126), but dated 2009 and with improved security features, including the replacement of the holographic stripe on front for Goznak’s Visual Formed Image security thread previously introduced on the 250-rial note of 2009.

1,000 rials (US$4.65)
Yellow and green. Front: Sultan’s palace in Seiyun, Hadramaut. Back: Bab al Yemen (main gate of Sana’a). Holographic security thread with demetalized ١٠٠٠. Watermark: Coat of arms and electrotype ١٠٠٠. Printer: (Goznak). 156 x 83 mm. ٢٠٠٩/١٤٣٠ (2009/AH1430). Signature 10. Intro: August 2010.

Courtesy of Manuel Rui Palhares.

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