Turkmenistan new 10,000-manat variety reported


There may be a new variety for the 10,000-manat note dated 1999, listed in The Banknote Book as TMB B6 (P13). As you can see from the scans above, there is a crescent moon and five stars in optically variable ink at upper left front. On the earlier issue (based upon the serial number) shown at left, the OVI appears green, but on later issues shown at right, the OVI appears gold. The differences in the color is not a scanning artifact; examining the notes themselves reveals they appear different to the naked eye even when tilted back and forth.

All images I’ve seen of notes with higher serial numbers than the one shown at right also appear to have gold OVI, including the revised 2000 dated note TMB B7 (P14). If anyone else has a green OVI note, please post a comment with your note’s serial number.

Courtesy of Richard Miranda.

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