Ukraine new 50-hryvnia numismatic product (BNP804a) confirmed


According to a press release dated 5 October 2011, the National Bank of Ukraine has issued a new 50-hryvnia (US$6.25) banknote to commemorate the bank’s 20th anniversary, which are like the notes originally issued in 2004 (Pick 121), but with the phrase “НБУ 20 років” (NBU – 20 years) on the front in a green-to-gold color-shifting SPARK patch, and serial numbers NB 0000001 – 0001000.

While technically legal tender, the first 200 notes were encased in acrylic and packaged in a box containing a silver version of the note; the remaining 800 notes were sold in a commemorative folder.

Courtesy of Alexander Kirshankov, Thomas Krause, Aleksey Gladkov, and Olexandr Danishenko (lembergzp on eBay).

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