Russia new 5,000-ruble note confirmed


5,000 rubles (US$166), 2010 (date appears vertically below serial number at left front). Introduced 6 September 2011. Like P273 but with the following changes:

  • The color and styling of the front and back of the partially modified.
  • Dated 2010 at bottom left front.
  • Embedded security fibers in paper.
  • Wide windowed security thread.
  • Coat of arms of Khabarovsk in SPARK ink.
  • Tactile elements for the sight impaired.
  • Rainbow moire pattern.
  • Horizontal novel serial numbering at left.
  • Magnetic properties added.
  • New UV printing.

Courtesy of Andrey Kuvaldin, Vitali Khaletski, and Sergei Balykhin.

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