Who is Sister Sarah on Bahamas 50-cent note?


Beginning with the Bahamas’ 50-cent note (B307) introduced in 1984, the back has depicted “Sister Sarah in Nassau Market.” However, the bank’s web site makes no mention of who this woman is, or why she is featured on the banknote. If anyone knows if she is in fact a real person, an archetype, or a fictional character, please contact me with details.

IDENTIFIED: According to Paul Walters, “Sister Sarah is indeed a real person. I am not sure if she is still living, I don’t think she is. She was a prominant figure at the straw market in the 1970s, when the market was located along the dock–before it moved to its present day location on Bay street.”

Alex Zlotin found this article that refers to Sister Sarah Johnson as a local artisan straw weaver.

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