Turkmenistan new 5-manat note dated 2012 confirmed


TMB B23 (PNL): 5 manat (US$1.75)
Tan. Front: Map of Turkmenistan; coat of arms; Soltan Sansar Türkmen. Back: Buildings; Garassyzlyk Binasy and Bitaraplyk Binasy (Independence Monument and Neutrality Arch in Ashgabat); five stars and crescent moon. Solid security thread and solid security thread with demetalized 5TMB. Watermark: Soltan Sansar Türkmen; electrotype five stars, crescent moon, and 5; Cornerstones. Printer: (TDLR). 126 x 63 mm.

Like TMB B16 (P23), but the lower right front around the denomination numeral has been redesigned, the date and signature (Tuvakmammet Japarov) are new, and a pearlescent stripe has been added on back.

Courtesy of Alexander Petrov.

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