Syria unissued 100- and 1,000-pound notes spotted in Moroccan video


Although recent reports of a 2,000-pound note featuring the portrait of Bashr al Assad have been exposed as obvious fakes, there is credible evidence that the Central Bank of Syria may be working on a 1,000-pound note. This video by the Bank Al-Maghrib in Morocco contains brief images of a 1,000-pound note as well as a 100-pound note (look for them at the 2:40 mark), neither of which have been issued to date. The narration is entirely in French, but even if you don’t understand the words, the visuals are interesting to anyone who collects notes and coins from Morocco.

l’usine où est fabriquée la monnaie nationale… by gooal

Courtesy of Muhammad Zeeshan Yameen (turpan on eBay).

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