Identify items on Syrian banknotes





I am cataloging the Central Bank of Syria’s notes for publication in The Banknote Book, and I have been unable to identify a few items which appear on these notes.

The back of the 100-pound note dated 1966-1974 depicts a dam. What’s the name and location of this dam?

The front of the 5-pound note dated 1977-1991 depicts a female statue.

IDENTIFIED: Allāt-Minerva. Statue of the 2nd century AD from As-Suwayda, Syria (Roman province). National Museum of Damascus.

The front of the 50-pound note dated 1977-1991 depicts a female statue.

IDENTIFIED: Statue of goddess found in Sumerian ruins in Mari, Syria, now in National Museum of Aleppo.

The back of the 500-pound note dated 1958-1992 depicts something described as an ancient religious wheel.

IDENTIFIED: Gold bowl decorated with hunting/animal scenes from the Temple of Baal at Ugarit, now in National Museum in Aleppo.

If anyone has information or leads which may be helpful, please contact me with details.

Courtesy of Yaqoob Alshaer and Murray Hanewich.

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