Bangladesh new 100-taka commemorative note confirmed


According to a press release, a new 100-taka note commemorating 100 Years of Bangladesh National Museum was issued 9 July 2013. 100,000 notes were issued into circulation, with an additional 11,000 notes sold packaged in a folder as numismatic products.

100 taka (US$1.25)
Violet, yellow, and green. Front: 18th-century terracotta plaque depicting a horse rider; bank logo. Back: Bangladesh National Museum with trees and fountain. Windowed security thread with holographic bank logo and 100. Watermark: Sheikh Mujibur Rahman on pixelated background and electrotype bank logo and 100. Printer: (SPC). 140 x 62 mm.
a. 2013. Signature 10b. Intro: 09.07.2013.

Courtesy of Raihan Ahmed, Mohammad Raihan, and Aidan Work.

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