Hungary new 5,000-forint note (B587) reported

This undated, unsigned, and unnumbered 5,000-forint note is similar to P199. I personally examined the note at the recent show in Valkenburg and can confirm that it is intaglio printed on high-quality security paper complete with watermarks, holographic stripe, and other security features.

Rumor was that a pack of unfinished notes was stolen from the printer (Pénzjegynyomda Rt.) and that this denomination will be issued shortly as the second member of the new note family started with the introduction of the 10,000-forint on 2 September 2014.

However, I recently received the following email from the bank's Communication and Protocol Department: "The undated, unsigned, and unnumbered 5,000-forint note published on your website is a trial print of the previous years used for testing purposes, representing no value. This banknote specimen is not part of the new forint banknote series issued by Magyar Nemzeti Bank (the central bank of Hungary)."