Indonesia new 100,000-rupiah note confirmed

Indonesia_BI_100000_rupiah_2014.00.00_B108a_PNL_AAT_345078_f copy
Indonesia_BI_100000_rupiah_2014.00.00_B108a_PNL_AAT_345078_r copy

According to an article in The Jakarta Post dated 19 August 2014, Bank Indonesia officially released a new 100,000-rupiah note on 17 August. The new note is like the current note of the same denomination (Pick P153), but with BANK INDONESIA at lower left front replaced with NEGARA KESATUAN REPUBLIK INDONESIA (The Unitary State of the Republic of Indonesia) and is the first note to bear the signature of a finance minister (Menteri Keuangan). Previously, only top bank officials had their signatures printed on the notes.

Governor Agus Martowardojo also said that Bank Indonesia is moving forward with plans to redenominate the rupiah by slashing three zeroes from the currency.

Courtesy of Thomas Augustsson and The Currency Exchange.