Nicaragua new 500- and 1,000-córdoba polymer notes (B514, B515) confirmed introduced 08.07.2019

According to a press release dated 24 June 2019, the Banco Central de Nicaragua introduced new 500- and 1,000-córdoba banknotes printed on polymer substrate on 8 July 2019.



The new notes have the following attributes: high durability, which will imply substantial savings in the issuance of tickets; greater difficulty of falsification, since it incorporates state-of-the-art security measures; and kindness to the environment, because once destroyed, the waste material of the tickets will be recyclable. Its dimensions are 156 mm in length and 67 mm in height, with colors and designs similar to those of current circulation. It should be noted that with this new issuance, the BCN completes the entire polymer substrate banknote family started in 2009, with which Nicaragua will be among the first countries to have all of its denominations printed on polymer substrate.

The 500- and 1,000-córdoba banknotes currently in circulation, printed on cotton paper substrate, will retain their value and continue to circulate next to the new banknotes, until they are gradually withdrawn, according to their deterioration.

Courtesy of KK Lim ().