Canada corrects description of back of 10-dollar note (B372a)

According to an article on North Bay Nipissing News dated 28 July 2014, the Bank of Canada has acknowledged that its original description of the back of the new 10-dollar polymer note (B372a) erroneously described it as depicting an image of majestic Mount Edith Cavell, a prominent peak in the Canadian Rockies south of Jasper, Alta. Furthermore, the bank misidentified an image of Mount Zengel as the Palisade and Pyramid mountains.

However, spokesman Alexandre Deslongchamps has acknowledged that the bank has changed the description of the note, claiming, “The documentation error was the result of a misunderstanding about information provided to the Bank of Canada by Canadian Bank Note Co. Ltd.”

The new description reads:

“The image of the Canadian Rocky Mountains is a composite based on photographs commissioned by the Bank of Canada. Three regions are depicted on the bank note to highlight the diverse and majestic nature of the Rockies. On the left are the shoulder of Lectern Peak and Aquila Mountain; in the centre are Redan, Esplanade and Gargoyle mountains; and on the right is Mount Zengel, part of the Victoria Cross Ranges.”

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