Myanmar new 10,000-kyat note (B118a) confirmed

According to an article on dated 1 July 2015, the Central Bank of Myanmar has introduced a new type of 10,000-kyat note with upgraded security features “to further enhance the note quality and prevent forgery.” This note is like the preceding issues (B116), but with the denomination at lower right front expressed in Burmese numerals printed with SPARK, a new watermark, and a protective layer of vanish on both sides to extend the circulation life of the note.

B118 (P84): 10,000 kyats (US$6.50)

Blue, red, purple, green, brown, and yellow. Front: Burmese text; two elephants flanking laurel wreath with outline map of Myanmar; denomination in green SPARK. Back: English text; royal Palace of Mandalay with reflection on water. Magenta-to-gold windowed security thread with demetalized MYANMAR SPW. Watermark: Lotus blossom and electrotype 10000. Printer: SECURITY PRINTING WORKS (in microprint). 150 x 70 mm. Paper.

a. No date. No sig. Prefix BM – CM. Intro: 01.07.2015.

Courtesy of Bill Stubkjaer.

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