Trinidad and Tobago new 50-dollar note (B235a) confirmed

This note is like the preceding issue (B234), but without novel serial numbering or the commemorative text at upper center front, and with the addition of a circle of embossed dots at lower right front, and a red banner across the tail of the bird on front. Reports are that the bank intends to add embossed symbols to all the other denominations to assist the sight impaired. No word yet on when the new notes will be introduced, nor if they will be all new designs.

B235 (P59): 50 dollars (US$7.85)

Gold, brown, purple, red, and green. Front: English text; coat of arms; red hibiscus flower; hibiscus in SPARK Orbital; red-capped cardinal bird in flight. Back: English text; Red-capped cardinal in flight; Eric Williams Financial Complex in Port of Spain; female masquerader in Carnival costume. No security thread. Watermark: None. Printer: (De La Rue). 152 x 70 mm. Polymer.

a. 2015. Sig. 9. Prefix CH. Intro: 30.11.2015.

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