Indonesia new family of banknotes announced

Following the issuance of Presidential Decree No. 31 of 5 September 2016, Bank Indonesia plans to introduce seven new banknote designs featuring national heroes:

  • 1,000 rupiah: Tjut Meutiah
  • 2,000 rupiah: M. H. Thamrin
  • 5,000 rupiah: K. H. Idham
  • 10,000 rupiah: Frans Kaisiepo
  • 20,000 rupiah: Gerungan Saul Samuel Jacob Ratulangi
  • 50,000 rupiah: Juanda Kartawidjaja
  • 100,000 rupiah: Soekarno and Mohammad Hatta

The press release is unclear if the notes will be issued in 2016, or if the design phase will begin this year. It typically takes many years to develop a new family of notes from conception to introduction into circulation.

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